Art Education and Virtual Art Lessons


Learn More About Art Through Virtual Classes

My classes combine art appreciation with hands-on art exploration. We look at artists and artwork and engage in discussions through visual thinking strategies together. We develop new skills and explore the materials and subjects that we are curious about. We collaborate on open-ended art pieces, unique to each student's interest, using materials we have at home.

My Students Are Primarily Preschool Artists

But I have been surprised at how the virtual ZOOM art classes can bring parents, grandparents, and siblings together. I am looking forward to building on this wonderful dynamic. It has been incredibly rewarding during times of great difficulty. Art is for all ages and everyone.

If you are interested in classes, private or semi-private, geared specifically to you, your family, or your community, please reach out to me. If you are a school or are homeschooling your family, I would love to collaborate with you on your art curriculum and classes.